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Yoga & Meditation for Kids 

6 week courses available for children aged from 18 months to 9 years. Limited spaces available.

Within the realm of yoga, there is something for everyone. For children and adults alike, yoga is a wonderful exercise that feels less like exercise and more like loving and respecting one’s body.  Yoga is a fantastic choice of exercise for kids of all ages because it has so many benefits. Through yoga, kids can learn to live in the moment and focus on what they are doing at that moment.

Benefits of Yoga for Kids:

  • Stress reduction through breathing
  • Exposure to mindfulness/meditation
  • Promotes a healthy body
  • Provides confidence building

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6 Week Course starts 9th September or 4th November 2020

Wednesdays 4pm | 30 – 40 mins
With Luci Roberts

A 30 – 40 minute session for children aged 18 months to 4 years. Parent stays and plays.

Your toddler will learn to:

  • Relax and release energy
  • Get to know their bodies
  • Learn the basic fundamentals of yoga poses
  • Experience empathy and self love
  • Enjoy fun games, story time and basic team work

£35 for 6 sessions


6 Week Course starts 9th September or 4th November 2020

Wednesdays 4.45pm | 30 – 40 mins
With Luci Roberts

A 35 – 45 minute session for children ages 5 – 9 years. Parents can stay and play or leave them with Luci who is fully insured, qualified and DBS checked.

Your child will learn to:

  • Relax and release energy
  • Enjoy time away from school and life pressures
  • Have time to be themselves
  • Have fun and be a kid without pressure or judgement!
  • Learn self love and empathy towards one another
  • More in-depth yoga poses
  • Basics of balance, mindfulness & meditation
  • Yoga games tailored to them
  • Body and brain relaxation techniques
  • Mindful story time with colouring

£35 for 6 sessions


Tuesday 11th August (Summer Holidays)

9.30am – 3.00pm | Ages 7 – 11 years old

Commando Kids School is essentially outdoor, fitness and nature-based learning that focuses on team-work, group play, food & nutrition along with elements of fitness challenges to enhance the whole Commando Kids experience.

£25 per child

Call us: 01782 969300