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    Sun Salutations

    SUN SALUTATIONS A morning welcome to the sun or simply something to start your day, sun salutations are a wonderful addition to your day, and we will let you in on a secret, they don’t even have to be done in a morning! Here is everything you need to know about sun salutations so you […]

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    Binning the buzzwords and creating a sphere of influence

    Binning the buzzwords and creating a sphere of influence We live in a noisy world, surrounded by people, opinions, advertising, commitments and more. There is always someone or something telling us about the next best face cream, the leggings we absolutely cannot live without, and the event of the century that we certainly cannot miss. […]

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    Gratitude Gratitude. It seems to be the word of the decade and certainly something we are encouraged to think about and ponder. But can gratitude really alter our state of mind? We investigate… It is a simple practice, in essence, of casting your mind to the things in your life and acknowledging the ones you […]