Positivity and Yoga

Mindset and yoga are often interconnected, and in classes we are told about the mind, and how it impacts our reality and daily life. But, how much of an impact does positivity have on our yoga practice, and how can we work towards a better relationship with both our body and our mind?

Positivity is a conscious effort to think of the better case scenario. It is approaching life – and yoga – with an open mind and a playful nature, looking to see what magic may or may not happen on the mat. 

There is a belief and a culture around toxic positivity, and this is not what we are talking about here. It makes sense to address that first of all, before we get going. Toxic positivity is a culture around always seeing the best and refusing to acknowledge realism or reality. It can lead to a negative space and blocking of real emotions and feelings. So, feel what you need to feel, this is more about approaching yoga with a positive attitude than anything else. 

When we approach our yoga practice with positivity, we allow ourselves to open up to the realm of what is possible, rather than what is not. When we practice yoga, we can often give ourselves a hard time for not showing up as often as we would like, or maybe for not being able to get that pose right when you managed it last week. We are self-critical beings but choosing to see the positive may just be the key to getting more out of our yoga practice. 

Instead of focusing on the negatives, by focusing on the positives; being able to move our bodies, taking the time out of our day to flow even if it is for five minutes, we start to shift our perspective and see things in a different light. 

You might start to feel lighter, brighter, and more compassionate towards yourself. 

Compassion. It is something we extend to others all of the time, but rarely do we give that to ourselves. Think about how you would speak to your best friend if they were saying the kind of things you do in your head before you step onto the mat…

Our mind impacts our reality, how we see the world and how we approach things, even things like a yoga flow. So, be easy on yourself, and allow yourself to be open to positivity next time you step on your mat. Here are some extra tips to get you started… 

Take it slow

You have heard of the saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and this is true in this instance. Take it slow and know that it may feel strange at first to practice positivity. Think about trying a little bit more each and every time you step on the mat, who knows then the magic will take hold?

Keep A Journal

If you don’t already journal alongside your yoga practice, this can be a really powerful tool to take stock of your feelings and emotions both before and after you have flowed. From feelings to sensations and everything else in between, jot down what comes up for you and you can revisit it at a later date.

Accept that it is a process

This is a journey and an ever evolving process! That is the wonderful thing about it and you have the power to do whatever you choose with it. Think about it from that perspective and see how the mentality shifts. Remember you have to work at things to develop them, it is rarely an overnight success.

Bring more joy into your life and on your mat 

More joy equals more positivity, and that is something we can get on board with. 

Whether you choose to find joy on or off the mat is totally up to you, but allow more of it into your life and watch it change your yoga practice!

The goal of this is to be more open to possibility and positivity. We all know that there will be times when you’re not feeling it, or you are thinking about anything and everything other than being positive, and that is okay.

Take each day as it comes and know you’re only human, and finding these little pieces of positivity and magic will have an impact on your life and practice. 

In fact, here are some of the ways you may see a difference… 


Increased energy 

You may notice a change in your energy levels when you approach yoga from a more positive place. Instead of focusing on the things you can’t do, your mind will be drawn to wonder and possibility, and you may feel more invigorated to give new things a try.

Ability to try new skills

On the subject of new things, you may find you have an increased ability to try new skills and poses. It is easy to think that you cannot do something, and you will never know if you never try… See how your attitude shifts when it is less about what you can’t and more about exploring what you can.

Like attracts like

Good things attract more good things, right?
Whether you are a believer in that, or not, we would like to think that once you start being more positive in your practice, there are going to be some good things that show up to the party as well.

More self-compassion

We mentioned compassion earlier and it is such a gift to yourself when you experience it. Practicing more positively will make you appreciate what you can do on a whole new level, and this mindset shift will see you welcome more compassion into your life, which is always a good thing, surely.

So, have a little think about how you can bring more positivity to your yoga practice, and if you’re looking for some flows to get started with, check out Made on Demand, or come and visit our wellness centre in Staffordshire to get flowing.