Going Sober for your Wellness

Going sober to improve your wellness 

Thinking about going sober? 

Alcohol has an impact on our lives and our wellness routine is no exception to that. Read more about our reasons to go sober and learn how you can start to incorporate sobriety into your life. 

Whether you’re totally decided or maybe sober curious, we welcome you along for the ride! 

Reasons to go sober 

There are a whole load of different reasons why you might decide to go dry, and there is no right or wrong reason to do so. You might have had enough of those Sunday morning hangovers, or you may have just lost the taste for it; whatever your reasoning is, there are plenty of benefits to ditching drink, and a few of them come back to wellness.


How sobriety impacts your wellness routine 

How sobriety impacts your wellness routine 

Alcohol has many effects on us. From the calorie count in most alcoholic drinks, to the way it changes the way we function, drinking alcohol can have a negative impact on the wellness routine we have created and crafted, here are a few of the ways…  

Missed workouts- Have you ever been hungover and missed your workout or your gym class? We won’t ask you to raise your hand… Sometimes, the morning after the night before is the worst part of them all, and there is nothing you would like to do less than get on a spin bike or stretch out in a downward dog. 

Slowing progress So often we are unaware of the calorie content in alcoholic drinks, as well as the sugars and other things that may slow our gym and wellness progress down. You should absolutely still treat yourself, but a bottle of wine or two every weekend may be slowing things down considerably. 

Mental wellbeing – Alcohol changes the way our minds work and if you’re someone who suffers from their mental health, then alcohol could be having a negative impact on your wellbeing. If you feel down or sluggish after drinking, this may be a sign and you should speak to a mental health professional or your GP.  

Now, are we saying we all need to ditch the Cosmopolitans and the Prosecco in favour of something dry? Not at all, but experimenting with sobriety may give you some insights into your own well-being and find out a routine that works for you. 

How to go sober 

If you want to give sobriety a try, here are some ways you can try… 

Try it for a month – It doesn’t have to be a lifelong commitment to start with and you can dip your toe in the water. Dry January and Sober October may be phrases you are familiar with, but you can start your path to sobriety at any point during the year.

Set a countdown and see how you get on over the course of a month… remember to journal along the way!

Change the way you look at drinking. We often see drinking as the best friend to socialising and the thing we need to loosen off. Try to shift this narrative and change the way you look at alcohol and the experience of drinking.

Think about the reasons why you’re drinking alcohol and see how you can move away from that and more towards enjoying being surrounded by friends and like-minded people. 

Prioritise your wellness – Putting your wellness and wellbeing front and centre is a great way to start focussing on giving sobriety a try.  

Find a fun alternative – There are so many amazing alternatives out there, such as Pentire Drinks and even something like Tenzing. Whether you opt for an alcohol-free beer or an interesting soft drink, there is a whole new world for you to go and explore. Trust us! 

Commit to the cause – Think about why you are doing it and commit to the cause from there. Maybe you want to try and get back on track with training, or perhaps you are looking to get a clearer head or improve your mental wellbeing. Whatever your ‘why’ is, make sure you don’t lose sight of that as you move through the sobriety journey. 

Don’t go it alone – Do you have a group of friends or a partner you could try this with? There is power in numbers and if a few of you are trying this new journey together, you can help each other out and keep each other accountable throughout. 

Go easy on yourself If you’re doing this for your wellness, allow yourself some grace. It is going to be a process to work through and something new to get used to, don’t be too hard on yourself! 


Is it all or nothing? 

Now, for some people, it will be all or nothing, and they may have their own reasons. But, if you’re looking to cut down your alcohol intake for your own wellness, then it may be a case of little and not so often, as opposed to going totally tea-total.  

It is all about finding out what works for you, and seeing the impact that sobriety has on your wellness and mental wellbeing.  

Socialising when you’re sober 

One of the key things that we get asked about when talking about sobriety is socialising.  

Social events can be focused around alcohol and it can be a big part of the occasion, but there are plenty of alcohol-free alternatives out there, and a good group of friends won’t bat an eyelid at your decision to take it easy.  

Socialising should still be on the cards whether you’re drinking or not, and remember to go easy on yourself and know that it is a process and a lifestyle to get used to. 

Are you thinking of going sober for your wellness?  

We would love to hear from you! 

Write back to us and let us know how you’re getting on, and if you’re passing our wellness centre in Staffordshire, our vegan cafe has some wonderful alcohol free drinks and smoothies for you to come and try.