grub ‘n’ grind

grub ‘n’ grind

Every Sunday you can experience MADE’s finest unique classes which include strength & cardio or low impact high intensity exercises along with some delicious post-workout food & a smoothie to end with! 

What's involved?

Join in 3 of our signature classes back to back:

9.30am SKULPT

“STRENGTH HIIT WORKOUT” // A high intensity bodyweight class combined with strength training.

10.30am BEAST CAMP

“MENTALLY CHALLENGING STRENGTH BOOTCAMP” // A focus on strengthening your mind as much as your body by pushing you to your limits.

11.30am GET LIT

“HIGH INTENSITY LOW IMPACT TRAINING” // An intense, fat-burning cardio workout without the pressure on your joints.


Following your training you can choose from a healthy food dish & any protein smoothie!

*AVO SMASH* Mashed Avocado & Lime | Smoked Salt & Chilli Flakes | Cherry Tomatoes | Bagel

*BANGER BUTTY* Plant-Based Sausages | Melted Vegan Cheese | Cherry Tomatoes | Bagel

*NUTTY BUDDHA* Wild Rice | Broccoli | Spinach | Kidney Beans | Cashew Nuts | Hot/Cold Peanut Dressing 

JUST £25 EACH!  NORMALLY: £31.90!!!!

CALL TO BOOK: 01782 969300