yoga classes

yoga classes in staffordshire

Our Yoga Classes are based at the MADE wellness centre in the grounds of Moddershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat.

We offer a variety of MADE Yoga Classes including Pilates+, X. Yoga and Classic Yoga!

Pay as you go for just £8.50 each or sign up for a class only membership to join us for unlimited classes.

Save 20% with a bundle of 10 classes for just £70 with a 3-month expiry

Not tried MADE before? Try all our signature classes and sample the full wellness journey from meditation, yoga and pilates to HIIT, indoor cycle and bootcamp training.

Enjoy our unique fusion classes with HIIT & yoga, strength & cardio, or low impact high intensity exercises. Only to be redeemed once per person.



Build strength & flexibility with a focus on your core in our demanding Pilates class.

Pilates is a form of low impact exercise that works on strengthening your muscles while improving posture, alignment and flexibility. The class will target all areas of the body but especially your core strength. A strong core has so many positive effects on your physical wellbeing including protecting your back muscles, allowing a greater range of motion, creating maximum power for other forms of exercise and improving coordination & balance. Not to mention tightening those abs! Using a variety of equipment including bands, balls and sliders, the class is tough so expect a sweaty brow, wobbly legs, high endorphins and quivering core!

Who is PILATES+ for?
Pilates can help anyone improve posture, flexibility, balance and strength. For athletes or those who exercise regularly, Pilates will complement other forms of training by building core strength and preventing injury.



A nourishing blend of restorative yoga and replenishing relaxation.

Take a break from life’s stressors and experience a relaxing yoga class that brings together the mind and body with conscious deceleration. The yoga practice begins with dynamic variations and flowing sequences, with many physical benefits including increased flexibility, strength, metabolism and cardio health. We then combine mindfulness and meditation, taking your practice beyond the physical for a deeply nurturing experience. Turning your attention inward, we focus on breathing, visualisations and relaxation techniques that can be integrated into everyday life. You will finish feeling calm and grounded, but energised at the same time.

Who is GLOW for?
If you are suffering from stress and anxiety, struggle to switch off and have difficulty sleeping. In the fast paced, connected world, this class is perfect for anyone wishing to improve their overall wellness beyond just the physical benefits of yoga.

Classic yoga

Vinyasa Yoga 

Move seamlessly from one pose to another using specialist breathing techniques.

Hatha Yoga 

A slower from of yoga combined with breathing exercises to bring peace to the mind & body.

Yin Yoga 

Yin Yoga is a quiet contemplative practice. It is a slow-paced style of yoga, that works deeply into our body with passive & longer held asanas (postures).