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    Road running in winter

    Running in the winter Road running is a great way to both keep your body in shape and your mind in check. Running is a great release from the world and the scenery is a welcome change from a treadmill, for sure. But when the winter nights roll in and things get darker outside, it […]

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    Body Confidence

    Body Confidence Body confidence is a phrase that seems to be doing the rounds on the internet at the moment, and we are loving the confidence and empowerment that comes with it. But, what is body confidence and how can you get it? Here is what you need to know… What is it? Body confidence […]

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    The superfoods that slip under the radar

    The superfoods that slip under the radar  Superfoods are sometimes thought of as a myth or clickbait in online articles, but they are real and they are packed with a whole host of benefits. There will be the ones you have definitely heard of that sweep the nation every now and again, like avocados and […]


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