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    Yoga for Runners

    Yoga for Runners If you are a regular runner, then hats off to you first of all! Secondly, we know that it can be easy to neglect stretching or avoid things like yoga altogether because they kind of do the opposite of what running does, and therefore it can be quite hard to find stillness […]

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    Spring Clean Your Mind

    Spring Clean Your Mind As we move from Spring and slowly to Summer, now is a great time to get rid of the old and give everything a good spring clean. That might be in the form of your home, your workspace, your wardrobe, and maybe even that one drawer in the kitchen that you […]

  • MADE Centre Manager Vacancy

    We are seeking a Wellness Centre Manager based at Moddershall Oaks. …this is no ordinary job. This is MADE.  We’re looking for someone with operational and organisational experience and skills. Not just anyone… we’re looking for someone who will successfully manage the wellness centre as well as help to push the MADE brand to its full potential and more! You would be the most […]