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    6 Benefits of a good nights sleep Did you know that we spend an average of 229,961 hours asleep during our lives? Sleep is such a huge part of our lives and routines and, while we all love a lie in here and there, we can often forget how important it is to get enough […]

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    Going Sober for your Wellness

    Going sober to improve your wellness Thinking about going sober? Alcohol has an impact on our lives and our wellness routine is no exception to that. Read more about our reasons to go sober and learn how you can start to incorporate sobriety into your life. Whether you’re totally decided or maybe sober curious, we […]

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    Positivity and Yoga

    Mindset and yoga are often interconnected, and in classes we are told about the mind, and how it impacts our reality and daily life. But, how much of an impact does positivity have on our yoga practice, and how can we work towards a better relationship with both our body and our mind? Positivity is […]