Why Do We meditate?

Meditation is a tool we use to feel calm and at peace, with many different types of meditation and levels of it too. There are a whole range of reasons to meditate and plenty of benefits too, so read on if you would like to find out more and find your inner peace.

It is hard to put a timestamp on when meditation became a known thing, as there have been so many different influences over the years and stories of enlightenment and peace. What we do know is, that these experiences were shared around the world and meditation gradually became what it is known as today.


Now, it is important to know that there are a whole range of different ways to meditate, which we will walk through shortly, and that there is no right or wrong way to meditate. The experience is different for everyone and what works for one may feel different to another.

There are many benefits of meditation, but the main one is a sense of peace, zen, or feeling totally blissed out. It is something you have to work towards, as, in the modern world, we are faced with many distractions and blockages that stop us from embracing and feeling the practice fully. On that note, it is important not to get too attached to that goal and just be in the moment, as meditation was intended.

Another benefit can be found when practiced with yoga too, as meditation increases our ability to concentrate and to detach ourselves from the of side of things, which can cause us to push ourselves too far in some poses and practices.

While meditation can be seen a spiritual practice, it can also be really practical too. Over recent years, mindful activities and moments of stillness have become more popular and led more people to try meditation in its different guises and forms.

As for types of meditation, we will start with what is perhaps the most common. Sitting in stillness, choosing a place of calm, closing down the eyes and letting our mind rest and be still. That is the picture we all imagine when we think of meditation and there is a good reason for that too. By being totally still and calm in the body we can help put the mind at ease too, and work towards that blissed out feeling.


Another type of meditation is a walking one. Walking meditations can occur just about anywhere, but picking somewhere picturesque and quiet will make the experience that bit more enjoyable. Focus on the sights, the sounds and your senses being connected to nature.

Lastly, a guided meditation is one that we turn to time and time again. You can listen in the car, in bed, at your desk, basically whenever you need it and it serves as a little reminder to carve out that time for yourself. A guided meditation will help you through the meditation journey so they are perfect for beginners or those with an active mind as they bring you back to the moment.