On the road again – our favourite running picks

Heading for a run? While the world and its wife seemed to take up running in March 2020, almost 18 months on and some of us are still at it, taking to the roads and the woods to get our fix. If that sounds like you or you are new to the running game, here are some of our favourite running picks to fill our wardrobes and our boots, for the next time we want to head out for that run…


Leggings that move with you

EYO stands for everything you overcome’ and they make leggings from recycled ocean waste. Not only do they do good for the planet, but they look good and feel good as well, with compressive design that keeps everything in one place whether it is a run or a hot yoga session. They come in three colours; black, storm and ocean, and having given them a road test, we can confirm that they do not budge! They have a pocket for your phone too, so you can go hands free with nothing to worry about.

Running on clouds, literally

Cloud shoes by On Running feature an iconic and instantly recognisable design, as well as soles that feel like walking on air or clouds, hence the name. Designed for soft and cushioned landings, with performance and grip as well as a snug fit, we are fans of these and they tick all our boxes for a running shoe, as well as looking good enough to wear out and about as well.


Headphones that stay put 

These BOSE wireless headphones are built with sport in mind and dont move an inch whether youre sprinting or strolling. Sweat and weather resistant with up to five hours of play-time before needing a charge, you can listen to your favourite tunes or podcasts all run long. Charge time is ten hours for a full charge, or a quick 15 minute charge will give you 45 minutes of battery, if you are heading out for a quick one. 

A jacket that keeps the wind at bay 

A shower proof jacket that is light to the touch but will keep you dry during a small bout of rain. Shower proof jackets are great as an extra layer, that wont leave you sweating or weighed down by heavy fabrics. While they wont protect you from a downpour, they are great if the weather is a little grim and you still want to get those miles in.

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Trainers for the sock-less

Vivo Barefoot is a brand of the extraordinary. Trainers that are made for healthy feet and allowing the toes to spread and move, with the illusion of walking or running barefoot. Sounds strange, but perfect, right? They are unlike any other trainers we have tried and will allow your feet to move and mould to the ground beneath you, as you walk or run.

A bag for the essentials 

We thought the days of the bum-bag were gone, but this Lululemon one is gorgeous. Perfect for the essentials, like a phone, cash and keys, while keeping your hands and pockets free from clutter when you head out on your run. Available in a range of colours and patterns, you can pick a plain one or match it to your favourite running kit, if you so desire.


The bra made for running

Running bras are hard to find, and especially ones that get the job done. This Brooks bra is perfect, with a racerback design and smooth finish, designed to hold you in as you go. It is available in a rage of sizes and colours for the fashion-conscious among us, and it is breathable as well as sweat-wicking to keep you running and comfortable for longer.

A smartwatch for the journey

Slick and sleek design, with everything you need included, the FitBit Inspire 2 is the smartwatch we turn to. A fitness tracker at heart, it is the perfect no-frills and no-fuss introduction to the world of fit-tech. Choose from different colours and sync it up to your phone for a fully integrated experience. If you want something a little more high tech, you can opt for an Apple Watch or Samsung Watch, to pair them even more closely to your phone, but if you are just starting out and want to track the basics, we think this is the perfect place to start. 


Wool-based running shoes

Giesswein trainers are made for running, walking, and everything in between. Made from Merino wool and totally washable, they absorb upto 33% of their own weight in moisture, so whether the rain falls or things get a little warm underfoot, you are set to be just fine. Super comfortable and surprisingly cool on the feet, these are some of our favourites to run and get active in.

Staying hydrated

A water bottle from SWell will keep that water cool for as long as 41 hours, much longer than you will be running for, we guess. Stay hydrated and cool with this blue shell design, or choose from countless others if you prefer something a little different. 


Those are a few of our favourite running picks, so you can head out kitted out from head to toe. If you are new to running, dont let this guide deter you, and head out to give it a go no matter the gear you have got. From seasoned pros to the ones taking their first steps out on the road, we salute you and we are with you. At Welcome to MADE, we are surrounded by gorgeous land and fields, as well as plenty of roads to hit the ground and run on. No matter where youre based, pull on your trainers, stick on some tunes and get moving. If you want to find out more about wellness, fitness, and general health, get in touch with us at MADE and explore our membership of MADE on Demand; we have plenty of classes on there, and post-run stretches too so you dont end up sore and achy as opposed to that boasting that post-run glow!