Get HIIT or get LIIT

If youre new to the workout game or looking to switch up your routines, you may have seen HIIT and LIIT floating around, but what on earth do they mean? If you are wondering, read on to find out all about them, the differences and how to choose which workout is right for you. 

The Difference

The difference is in the intensity, as the names would suggest. Both are great for your health and body, and it is important to remember that any movement is better than no movement at all! Whether you are opting for one HIIT a week, or a few LIIT workouts, give yourself credit where credit is due. 

The Benefits

The benefits of HIIT and LIIT are largely similar, and both will all depend on the time and effort you put into moving your body. 

How to Choose 

Choosing which workout is right for you can be tough, but here are some of our tips for helping to whittle down the options and get moving in a way that works for you.


Lets start with HIIT, which stands for high intensity interval training. HIIT uses periods of intense activity, teamed with active rest periods, to built your fitness and burn fat. In technical terms, your body goes from periods of aerobic activity to periods of anaerobic activity, shifting from using oxygen to stored energy respectively, which is said to help you process oxygen more efficiently too. These workouts can increase cardio stamina, as well as being able to achieve the same results as a longer workout, in a shorter space of time, which sounds like a win to us! 

Dont let this fast-paced nature fool you, they can be tailored to different fitness levels and are actually great for those who struggle to build movement into their normal routine. Try a HIIT workout and see how you get on…



As you may have guessed, LIIT stands for low intensity interval training. A LIIT workout is made up of low intensity exercises and longer intervals in between the sets, making for a more laid back workout, but a workout nonetheless. The workouts are not as taxing on the joints, and can be more inclusive to those looking to build exercise into their routine. 

You will still build up a sweat, and there are plenty of known benefits to LIIT exercises, including lower blood pressure and stronger muscles in the long term. If you want to achieve the same results in a LIIT workout, as you would in a HIIT workout, it is going to take roughly double the time. 

What kind of workout of you want?

By deciding on the intention of the activity, it is going to help you decide which one is right for you. Are you looking for something short and sharp, or something slower and more sustainable? Have a think about this and also, how long you can give to the sessions each week or each day, as time is going to play a role in your decision too. Although you can complete a short LIIT workout, it isnt going to have the same impact as a longer workout, or a short HIIT workout, so it is about deciding what you want from the session and what your own personal goals are.

What are your current fitness levels?

Are you super active, or do you need to work back up to a level of fitness? Consider your current fitness levels and dont be too hard on yourself! You might opt for one HIIT a week to start with, allowing your body time to rest and recover, or a few LIIT sessions might be more suited to your schedule and needs. If you are already on your way to your fitness goals, you may want to start adding in more workouts, and a mix of HIIT and LIIT perhaps…

Do you have any other activity in your schedule?

If you run or practice yoga, or maybe even have a daily walk planned in, consider this when you plan in your HIIt or LIIT workouts. The first reason being, you dont want to overdo it with your body and cause injury leading to downtime. Also, you may be fitter than you think and may be able to grab a HIIT workout as opposed to LIIT. On the flip side of that, if you are very active already, a LIIT workout may be kinder on your joints and more enjoyable, and it is a great partner for those practicing yoga too!

What is going to work for you?

Ultimately, what is going to work for your body and your lifestyle? Make sure you are honest and kind to yourself, and work out a routine and set of workouts that are going to work for you. Dont try to over commit as it can be daunting at the start. Take it day by day or week by week and give these workouts a go if you want to try and build them into your routine. 

Whether you opt for HIIT or LIIT, moving your body is a great place to start and we are sure it will thank you for it later. Enjoy yourself and try to embrace each movement and exercise and remember to modify them if you need to. Your body and your joints need to be taken care of, so prioritise them over any set of exercises that you dont feel are working for you!

We would recommend giving them both a try so you can work out what works for you. The good news is, with MADE on Demand, we offer a two week free trial and we have a whole host of workouts on there for you to try. From HIIT to LIIT, yoga to barre and everything else in between! Sign up online, take a tour and get your body moving, and you can give as many classes and sessions a go as you would like to in that time. Sound good? Sign up here, and we look forward to welcoming you to our online community!