signature classes

signature classes

You can pay as you go (£8.50 each) or sign up for a class only membership to join us for unlimited classes.

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Passes can be redeemed against any of our signature classes including Skulpt, BeastCamp, PsychoRIDE & Glow Yoga. 

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A high intensity bodyweight class combined with strength training.

High intensity workouts designed to build strength & endurance. The combination of weight training & cardio will tone muscle, burn fat, build strength – possibly the best body-blasting workout there is. No two classes are the same, with a variety of bodyweight moves to burn calories & weights to sculpt muscle.

Who is SKULPT for?
HIIT is an efficient way to workout so this class is ideal for those with less time to spend in the gym. The class will blast away bodyfat. Use in conjunction with our Fit3D bodyscanner to really achieve noticeable fat loss and muscle gain.



A focus on strengthening your mind as much as your body by pushing you to your limits.

 An intense, physically demanding workout with a total body & mind approach. Build strength, confidence & aerobic capacity with sprint intervals, limited rest, military style exercises & added weights. A killer workout and a chance to sweat outside of the gym yes literally, OUTSIDE. This extreme workout will push you outside of your comfort zone, beasting your body & improving your stamina & lactate threshold (the moment you just can’t go on!) The aim is to build your mental resilience as well as improve your fitness levels, not to mention the positive impact the outdoors has on your mood.

Who is BEAST CAMP for? As long as you are prepared to WORK then this class can be great for those at all fitness levels. Remember to train smart, listen to your body and if you feel like you can’t continue or may be injured then stop participating.



An intense, fat-burning cardio workout without the pressure on your joints.

A sweat-inducing workout that is more gentle on the body. HIIT is well known for burning calories & boosting your metabolism. But high impact moves can be demanding on the body, especially the joints. Meet HILIT (high intensity low impact training) an exciting, up & coming fitness trend that gets your heart rate up into that fat burning zone with a greater focus on mobility & injury prevention. Structured cardio moves without running & jumping, but low impact doesn’t mean low results. The concept of HILIT is gentler yet equally as effective at burning fat, improving cardiovascular fitness & releasing endorphins.

Who is GET LIT for?
Everyone should integrate this into their workout routine. A high intensity class for people with a good fitness base but accessible for people who are recovering from an injury. This can also be adapted for new mums as part of a postnatal exercise regime.



Build strength & flexibility with a focus on your core in our demanding Pilates class.

Pilates is a form of low impact exercise that works on strengthening your muscles while improving posture, alignment and flexibility. The class will target all areas of the body but especially your core strength. A strong core has so many positive effects on your physical wellbeing including protecting your back muscles, allowing a greater range of motion, creating maximum power for other forms of exercise and improving coordination & balance. Not to mention tightening those abs! Using a variety of equipment including bands, balls and sliders, the class is tough so expect a sweaty brow, wobbly legs, high endorphins and quivering core!

Who is PILATES+ for?
Pilates can help anyone improve posture, flexibility, balance and strength. For athletes or those who exercise regularly, Pilates will complement other forms of training by building core strength and preventing injury.



Fat burning, heart-raising cardio mixed with mindfulness & flexibility.

X. Yoga is a fusion of HIIT – energising, heart-raising bodyweight training designed to tone and define your body, and burn fat. And YOGA – helping strength, endurance and flexibility as well as the discipline to carry out an effective workout. Starting and finishing with yoga stretches, this empowering workout will help you to learn more about yoga too. Yoga also works on stretching your muscles and rebalancing your joints at the same time as holding the correct alignment. During the class expect heart-raising moves such as squats, burpees, mountain climbers and lunges. A supercharged but balanced workout.

Who is X.YOGA for?
Ideal for people looking to workout for wellness as well as fitness. If you are a gym or HIIT lover and want to cross-train, stretch and detox your mind then this class is perfect. And for yogis who want more cardio fitness and improve stamina.



A nourishing blend of restorative yoga and replenishing relaxation.

Take a break from life’s stressors and experience a relaxing yoga class that brings together the mind and body with conscious deceleration. The yoga practice begins with dynamic variations and flowing sequences, with many physical benefits including increased flexibility, strength, metabolism and cardio health. We then combine mindfulness and meditation, taking your practice beyond the physical for a deeply nurturing experience. Turning your attention inward, we focus on breathing, visualisations and relaxation techniques that can be integrated into everyday life. You will finish feeling calm and grounded, but energised at the same time.

Who is GLOW for?
If you are suffering from stress and anxiety, struggle to switch off and have difficulty sleeping. In the fast paced, connected world, this class is perfect for anyone wishing to improve their overall wellness beyond just the physical benefits of yoga.






This class focusses on strength and conditioning.


A great compliment to cardio workouts as introducing weight training to your routine has many benefits: making you stronger, improving balance, allowing for more power and can even help prevent injury in your other workouts.


No dance skills required, we turn the lights down low so you can let your hair down. It’s like a party but without the hangover. The music will make you want to move your feet, try something different, pick up some sassy moves & keep fit the fun way!

Have you missed going out dancing?! This is an uplifting dance workout suitable for all levels, packed with fun energising moves. Starting with a thorough warm-up from head to toe, finding your rhythm, and building up a sweat. We’ll build power and precision through the legs and arms, fire up the core, and get the hips moving!

Challenge your brain in a different way by learning new moves to some awesome music and shed some serious calories. This session is guaranteed to make you smile, shake off the stresses of life, and get you that beach body!

Classic Classes

All classic classes are 50 minutes

Vinyasa Yoga  – Move seamlessly from one pose to another using specialist breathing techniques.

Hatha Yoga  – A slower from of yoga combined with breathing exercises to bring peace to the mind & body.

Yin Yoga – Yin Yoga is a quiet contemplative practice. It is a slow-paced style of yoga, that works deeply into our body with passive & longer-held asanas.

Restorative Yoga – Beneficial for people who lead a busy lifestyle or suffer from stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, or overstimulation.

Yogalates – This class combines Yoga and Pilates techniques to build strength, flexibility, and breath in equal measure.

Beginners yoga – A fast-paced series of postures that focus on the flow between movements rather than individual poses.