Benefits of a cold shower

Cold Showers

“You are master of your mind, captain of your soul.” 

Those wise words were spoken by none other than Wim Hof, AKA Iceman Hof who has become famous for his ice therapy and cold showers. 

Featured on GOOP and in every major publication on the planet, Wim Hof is king of cold and praises the health benefits of breathing techniques and cold exposure. While we would write literally love to jump in at the deep end, let’s start with cold showering and the benefits…

Get the blood pumping 

A cold shower has been known to improve circulation within your body and to increase the flow of oxygen. While breathing is important to maintain a natural inhale and exhale, the feeling after you get out of a cold shower is exhilarating. 

Aid muscle recovery 

It is possible that exposure to cold water can aid muscle repair and recovery, giving you shorter times between workout and hitting it hard, so to speak. Due to the regenerative properties in cold water, your muscles relax quicker, giving them a better chance of a speedy recovery. 

A healthy glow

For your skin and for your hair. Cold water works wonders for itchy and dry skin, as well as hair that has lost its sparkle and shine. Cold water can even strengthen your hair cuticles, meaning your hair could get visibly stronger as you continue to cold shower. 

“I have been having cold showers for the last few years after hearing about how good they were for the immune system. Right at the end of my shower, I turn the tap to cold. It takes a bit of getting used to but I actually look forward to it now, it makes you feel so good. Cold showers have so many benefits and they have become part of my daily routine…” 

– Helena Cornes, Made Team Member

Be warned, this isn’t for the faint hearted and if you plan to make the switch to cold showers, then make sure you are fit, well and able to do so. Remember to breathe properly throughout the exposure and to do what feels right for your body in that moment. 

Find out more about cold water therapy and cold showers through Wim Hof’s channels and we will check back in here soon to see how you have been getting on.