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MADE On Demand Employee Wellness for businesses and their employees from MADE.

Workplace wellness is no longer considered an added bonus but an absolute necessity. Organisations all over the UK and the world are prioritising employee wellbeing not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it helps the bottom line. 

MADE on demand provides a solution without breaking the bank from as little as £2.50 per employee per month, your team will have access to our wellness subscription with hundreds of videos, audios and downloadable resources.

MADE on demand offers a holistic solution to wellbeing. Some employee wellness solutions offer just fitness alone whereas we offer a wide variety including fitness, yoga, coaching, meditation, nutritional information, healthy recipes and mental wellbeing advice.


on demand content

All the content is available on demand so your team can choose when & where they engage with our wellness services. We want to help them make small changes to their life that make them feel good!  Our handpicked experts provide credible virtual classes & workshops for all ability levels.

Our video library has four main categories…

FITNESS: fat loss, pilates, HIIT, gym workouts, post injury, mobility, stretching, low impact, beginner programmes, postnatal and more.

WELLBEING: sleep therapies, morning meditation, breathing techniques, positive psychology, stress management, learn to meditate and more.

NUTRITION: health tips, cooking at home, plantabased recipes, nutritional info, ingredient benefits, healthy snacks and more.

YOGA: beginner courses, vinyasa flow, morning & evening practices, individual pose tutorials, bitesize yoga and more.

Our healthy lifestyle subscription aims to help people get fit, have more energy, sleep better, reduce stress, eat well and feel motivated. Many of our videos are designed to work around work, fit into everyday life and help your employees create a balance, for example a lunch hour cardio blast… before bed meditation… learning yoga at the weekend… listening to motivational life coaching while walking the dog.

on demand pricing

MADE on demand starts at £5 per person per month for a minimum of 3 subscribers. After that you receive a 5% discount every time you reach 10 users. MADE on demand employee wellness subscriptions are paid for annually. download our corporate brochure for our pricing structure

Each package would be bespoke to your business based on the rates above. For example, if you have 33 employees, you would pay £4.25 x 33 x 12 = £1683 for the year. It allows us to customise the price based on your exact number of employees.

on demand functionality

We ask that we have a main contact for communication and documentation. This could be the business owner or senior manager in a small business, but is usually a HR Manager or HR Business Partner. You would sign up on behalf of the company & receive complimentary access to the platform for yourself. You would have complete control over who had access and can remove users at any time.

Upon signing up, you would receive an invoice, email confirmation and access to the site with the ability to register users and download handy guides including our MADE on demand employee user guide and our HR guide which includes ideas to get employees engaged with MADE on demand.

You will be able to see each user’s last log in date, and the number of videos watched per person, so you can review engagement and see who is making best use of the wellness subscription. We have businesses who use usage data for incentives and competitions. The more you can encourage your team to engage with the platform and utilise the content, the better results you will see as a business.

employee benefits

  • easy access tips on your device
  • content suitable for all from beginners to advanced
  • no traffic on the road and no queuing at the gym = more time and less stress
  • we could be an entire exercise regime or compliment your existing programme
  • you can wake up and work out with no commute
  • you can start the day right without leaving the house
  • new classes are added regularly
  • a range of experts, personalities and knowledge to suit all

business benefits

MADE on demand provides an affordable solution for SMEs that will help to:

  • energise your workforce
  • prevent staff absence and burnout
  • increase engagement and retention
  • improve your employee’s mental health
  • encourage healthy, happier lifestyles
  • promote an active, positive and inspiring culture in your business


82% of small-medium enterprise employers do not have a health & wellbeing strategy or wellness solution for their workforce (Axa PP Healthcare)

80% of UK employees who have struggled with their mental health, believe that it negatively impacted their work (Opinium & The University Of Warwick)

getting started

You can SIGN UP NOW and choose your level from 3-9 employees all the way up to 100.

If you don’t fit exactly into one of the tiers and would like a bespoke price, please get in touch at

Alternatively you can fill out the enquiry form below and tell us a bit about you and we will be in touch with information. We can also arrange to demo our MADE on demand platform over zoom or teams so you can check out our wellness subscription before you sign up for 12 months.