MADE In Hell


MADE in hell commando

Sunday 4th September

11.30am-6.00pm | £60pp | £85pp includes a spa evening package

Challenging! Crazy! Hell! With a heavenly reward at the end…

Do you have what it takes to complete our commando fitness challenge and come out the other side? MADE in Hell is designed to take you to the ends of the earth physically and mentally. Take part in gruelling bootcamp team fitness activities and challenges followed by relaxation in the spa to recover!

MADE In Hell
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Made in Hell example itinerary

On Sunday 14th July 2019, 28 victims took place in our first MADE in Hell event.

6.30am – The team were briefed on what to expect throughout their day in hell where they would be put through their paces in an SAS Who Dares Wins type day. Team-work is crucial with 3 tap out cards, forfeits and more….. Including food & drink to keep energy up in the forms of smoothies, energy balls, Buddha bowls, gels & water.

Challenge number 1: The Indoor Cycle FTP test. The Functional Threshold Power test can be compared to the ‘bleep test’ but on an indoor bike taking place in our Cycle Cave. Team encouragement is key here as time goes on, the resistance gets harder and you get more tired. Push through the burn – it’s going to hurt!

Warmed up, time for a quick 15 minute break and energy re-fuel with some homeMADE cashew butter flapjacks & energy balls.

Challenge number 2: Individual Challenges. 95 minutes of press ups, burpees, planking and squats on our Outdoor Terrace, finished off with the Sally Up song – if you don’t know about Sally Up, you’re probably best not knowing until you actually need to.

Challenge number 3: Sprint Drills. The team headed up to one of our fields where a selection of equipment including tractor tyres and very large round hay bales greeted them.  During this exercise, ensuring that all the apparatus was moved from one side of the field to the other – filled jerry cans, logs and more was the ultimate test of team work.

A quick pit stop with recharge smoothie & flapjack injects some energy into some tiring bodies and onto the next session.

Challenge number 4: Barbell Bootcamp. A difficult resistance workout using barbells. challenging all major muscle groups where the team had to perform multiple moves back to back. On top of these strength exercises there was body weight HIIT & hill sprints, outside in the grounds.

Challenge number 5: The Woodland Stretcher! Dragged down with weighted rucksacks, the ever-tiring team now had to carry a stretcher weighted as though they were carrying an injured comrade through the woods of Moddershall. Team work and encouragement is the only way to get through this challenge as they climbed hills, tackled varying terrain and dodged obstacles for an hour’s circuit of the surrounding woodland.

SIS gels and some energy drinks were necessary for this break in readiness for activity number 6.

Challenge number 6: Kettlebell & Plyo HIIT on our outdoor training terrace. Over the half way point now, the end of the day is in sight which keeps our team working through 45 minutes of full body work-outs.

Challenge number 7: Commando Fit HIIT. Next up, back up to the field again for this one.  Imagine a HIIT workout with an army twist – team sprints, LOTS of army crawls, explosive exercises and some very cruel log sit-ups. 45 minutes of pain!

Challenge number 8: Cycle Performance. Stage 8 meant that we had 10 hours down and just 2 to go but the toughest challenges were to come. Into the Cycle Cave for 60 minutes of Cycle Performance! On its own, this class can be brutal so the distraction of the music and lights is welcomed!

Challenge number 9: Speed March Log Run. Finally, onto the 9th and final challenge – a 5k run…..with a 100kg log to carry. Rotating within the team so that 6 carried it at a time whilst others ‘rested’ was the only way to get over this final hurdle. Singing & chanting around the roads of Moddershall kept team spirit alive and as the finish line comes into sight, the team dredge up their last drops of energy to sprint to the end.

Relieved, proud, exhausted, drained, elated…..28 physically & mentally broken participants celebrated finishing their day in HELL!

Some words for the wise if you’re going to join us for the next MADE in Hell…..

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail: ensure to have plenty of fuel and fluids additional to those provided by MADE.  

When the going gets tough don’t be afraid to voice it and depend on your team. 

The moment where you want to quit is the moment you need to keep pushing.  

Testimonials from MADE in Hell Survivors!

Could not have got through today without you all. It’s an experience I’ll never forget. You’re all great people– Amie

Had the best day! Well done to all that took part! In both teams! To both fantastic instructors Andy and Mark! And also Oliver that kept us all going! Also the Made cafe for the snacks and drinks to push us on! Great team spirit guys! – Hayley

Well done people and a huge thank you to the team at Made! Thank you. I loved yesterday so much that I want to do it again! I think I’m delirious – Dean

MADE IN HELL Terms & Conditions

Activities are mainly outdoors so please dress appropriately and bring a change of clothing / footwear.

Wear layers so you can take off / put in as you are warm / cold.

Please inform us of any dietary requirements or allergies at the time of booking.

To book we require full payment. This is non-refundable but you are able to transfer to another date with minimum 21 days notice.

Please bring a water bottle which you can refill with chilled water on site and keep with you at all times.

We will provide refreshments including drinks and snacks with caffeine in so please let us know if you have a sensitivity to caffeine.

You will be given your MADE in Hell t-shirt at the start of the day so you can choose to wear it for the event if you wish.

Please make sure you give us your t-shirt size and the name you want printing on the back at least 1 month before.