Monthly Wellness Talks

Monthly Wellness Talks

Location: MADE Cafe | FREE to members, £5 to non-members

Includes a hot drink!

The talks are around 45 minutes, half of that will be the talk, and the other half will be an interactive Q&A with your MADE expert.

Please book in advance via the MADE app to avoid disappointment!

Wellness Talks


Monday 25 April | 19:00pm with Ollie

The Benefits of Cardiovascular followed by a ten-minute introduction to cardiovascular exercises in the gym.

Just a few of many benefits to cardiovascular exercise are:

A boosted immune system – This helps to protect you against illnesses such as Covid 19 that will attack you cardiovascular system.

Gives the neural pathways in your brain a boost. You will feel more active for a longer period.


Wednesday 18 May | 19:00pm with Helena

Meditation followed by a 30 minute class on Meditation

Helena will be guiding you through a meditation talk focused on the below points then join her in a 30-minute meditation class.

How to be more mindful, help combat stress and anxiety and obsessive thoughts


Wednesday 22 June | 16:00pm with Sam

Sun Salutations talk is followed by a 30 minute class on what Sam has discussed.

Learn safe alignment of your sun salutations to avoid injury.  We will break it down to practise correction positions, transitions and breathing pattern.  We don’t get the chance to address questions of the individual poses, this is a great opportunity for questions.


Friday 08 July | 12:15pm with Nici

The Benefit of Vegan Food on Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Learn the benefits on vegan food and its effect on physical and mental health with some tasty treats too.


Thursday 18 August | 19:00pm with Brogan

Women’s Wellness

Looking at women’s physical health regardless if you’ve had children or not.

Areas of fitness that we should look at differently to men.

How stress levels can impact our hormones

How pelvic floor dysfunction can cause aches and pains in the body and how to address these.


Thursday 08 September 2022 | 19:00pm with Donna


Donna will be talking about Chakras, what they are, where they are, their significance and how they show up in your life. 

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