January Top 10

If everything is feeling a little too heavy right now and anxiety is creeping in, try these yoga poses to take your attention into your body and focus your mind on the practice.


Child’s Pose

This is a calming pose, albeit not always easy. You may want to use blankets under the knees here to feel more secure and comfortable. Through folding the body over and focusing on the breath, you can find a sense of stability here and feel safe.


Puppy Pose

Puppy pose will open the heart and lengthen the spine, opening up the body and finding space. You may want to put a bolster underneath the stomach and come down to rest on it for a more restorative puppy pose.


Bridge Pose

In this posture, you open up the heart and lengthen the spine, creating space in the body and opening up the chest. Opening the chest can be a representation for allowing emotions to flow and letting those feelings to surface.


Fish Pose

A more advanced posture and another heart opener. This will open up the chest here and also the throat space, often associated with communication and speaking your truth. Be careful not to restrict your breathing in this pose and keep the breath equal as you spend some time here.


Tree Pose

Through one leg you will be grounding down into the floor or mat, feeling rooted, strong and stable. This is a strong pose which offers you the opportunity to balance which requires a lot of concentration and effort which can steady a busy mind.


Triangle Pose

In triangle, you open the body into a twist, which can release tension and detoxify the body. You will also be tilting, altering the energy flow of the body which can also be beneficial for those who experience anxiety.

You can watch tutorials for these poses on MADE on Demand to work into them and see modifications for your body, with a free two week trial. Enjoy and take care.