Meditation for Beginners



Meditation has become a sought-after experience, finding inner peace and clarity, especially over the past year. But, meditation has a long history and an even longer list of benefits, although we know it can be hard to get into the zone. Here are our tips… 

A little bit at a time

You might see influencers on Instagram or hear other people saying how amazing their hour-long meditation was, but take it a little bit at a time. Meditating can be pretty overwhelming when you are new to it, so start with five or ten minutes to see how you get on with it. From there, you can build up your meditations to be longer when you feel more comfortable and confident.  

Don’t expect too much of yourself 

While you might be expecting a super zen meditation wither distractions and no wandering mind, keep in mind the fact that it may not be the case. It is perfectly normal for your mind to wander; remember to bring it back to the meditation and not to be so hard on yourself. 

Journal afterward 

It might not be for everyone, but journaling is a great way to articulate how you feel and what you experienced. If a lot of thoughts popped into your head, it might be a good idea to note them down, and you can see if a pattern occurs. Journalling doesn’t have to be in a fancy notebook or an activity that takes hours out of your day; a few short sentences or even just a word on how it made you feel will do the trick.

There are many benefits to meditating, and whether you’re a master meditator or just getting started, this kind of practice can unlock and unearth a range of emotions. If you are looking for guided meditations, head to MADE on Demand; there is a free seven-day trial and plenty of content to get you tuning into your breath and your body.