Harbouring a sports injury? Need some much needed me time with a relaxing massage or facial? Our MADE team are trained in their own areas of expertise and can help iron out your niggles, help sooth tension in muscles or simply, switch off with some me time. 

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Targeted therapeutic treatment aimed at breaking down muscular tension and remodelling scar tissue. Great for improving range of movement, aiding circulation, eliminating toxins and recovering from injury.

Available Times: 25 minutes | 55 minutes

Prices: £25 | £50



 A short, stimulating massage, ideal before an event. It is directed toward the parts of the body that will be involved in the exertion.

Available Time: 20 minutes

Price: £15


 Usually given within an hour or two of the event, to normalise the body’s tissues, but can be delivered within 24 hours.

Available Times: 25 minutes | 55 minutes

Prices: £25 | £50



 An ideal treatment if you need to destress and relax. It treats the whole body, concentrating on any areas of tension. This soothing, gentle & slow massage is recommended for sufferers of insomnia & tension headaches, or anyone that just wants to combat the stresses of daily life.

Available Times: 40 minutes | 55 minutes

Price: £40 | £50


A relaxing massage that uses essential oils derived from flowers & plants to enhance wellbeing. Whether you want to feel energised, uplifted, soothed or relaxed, or even balance your hormones. A combination of oils will be chosen depending on benefits and your preference to deliver a unique experience tailor-made to each client.

Available Times: 55 minutes | 85 minutes

Price: £50 | £80



Suitable for anyone wishing to completely relax and switch off. The facial will refresh and revitalise the skin, leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated.

Available Times: 55 minutes

Price: £50

Personal Training

At MADE our expert team can advise you with exercise and the best way to treat your body and recover after your workout. Combine personal training and restorative massage with one of our bundle offers. Purchase a bundle of personal training sessions and receive a complimentary massage therapy. 



5 x pt £200.00

10 x pt £320.00

5x pt £250.00

10 x pt £400.00

All of the treatments provided should warm and relax the muscles, ease muscle separation from connective tissue, and improve soft tissue elasticity, permeability and fluid circulation. 

It may assist in recovery from exertion, improve flexibility and increase joint range of motion, improve soft tissue healing, aid in longer term pain reduction, increase energy levels, mental alertness and general sense of well-being, and should therefore provide you with decreased injury potential and optimised performance.

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