virtually made

virtually made

In a world that is rapidly changing, we’re doing our best to ensure that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of the MADE community and all it has to offer.

In light of the Government’s decision to place the country in a period of ‘lock-down’ we’ve developed an online only membership to help you bring a piece of MADE to your living room or garden.


Our online VIRTUALLY MADE membership allows you to access a bank of videos for home work-outs including yoga, HIIT and meditation as well as helpful tips on the perfect posture, superb squats, challenges and more.

Finally, our online membership also allows members to take part in our LIVE classes. With a brand new virtual live class timetable we have over 20 classes over 7 days so we’re sure to have some classes around your working from home or home schooling schedule.

Our Virtually MADE membership is just £24 per month with access to all the online content as well as unlimited live classes. We require an initial sign up of 3 months (£72), upon re-opening we will be able to set you up a direct debit to continue your membership or upgrade your membership to one that includes on-site classes at our wellness centre.


During a time like this, where isolation can have an affect on your physical and mental health, exercise and the endorphins it releases are more important than ever.

Each of our online classes lasts for 40 minutes. We’ve even included some family classes so that you’re all able to get involved.

MADE @ home hiit

MADE @ home meditation

MADE @ home glow

MADE @ home vinyasa

MADE @ home family yoga

Classes cost £3.50 per house hold or are currently FREE for MADE members.

If you’re already set up on our app, you’re able to buy passes and book on as normal.

If you’re new to MADE then contact us & we’ll get you set up so you can book yourself on as and when you like or we’ll book you directly.

Prior to your class, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve downloaded the ‘ZOOM’ app on your phone, tablet or laptop. Then, 15 minutes before your class is due to start, we will send out a link to you via the app with a link to the class.

The instructor will introduce the class, wait for everyone to arrive and then mute you all so that you can only hear them and not everyone else. You can choose to have your camera on or off – it’s totally up to you!