Body Confidence

Body confidence is a phrase that seems to be doing the rounds on the internet at the moment, and we are loving the confidence and empowerment that comes with it. But, what is body confidence and how can you get it? Here is what you need to know… 

What is it?

Body confidence is the act of feeling confident in your own body, in the way it looks, feels and what it can do. Now, it is by no means an easy road to get there and some of us will take longer to arrive at the destination, but it is an empowering feeling when you do, trust us. 


Body confidence is different to body positivity, which can be a tricky avenue to navigate. Body confidence is all about owning your body and empowering others to do the same, so that they can learn to feel empowered too.



Instagram versus reality

In an age where the internet is our playground and there are so many different people to see and get to know online, it can be harder than ever to feel body confident. 

Online, we see people’s highlight reels and we see images that have been edited and posed, so they are not a true reflection of the daily life and times of that person we are looking at. It is important not to compare ourselves to the people we see and follow online, and to make sure we are following those that light us up. 

There are some great resources out there on the internet for body confidence and how to feel great in your own skin, so find the ones that resonate with you, and unfollow the ones that don’t make you feel amazing.

The art of confidence 

Confidence is something that we have to learn, and it isn’t a given, so it is important that we build it, just like a muscle. There are lots of different things you can do to help with that confidence, which we will move onto in just a second, but do not beat yourself up if it takes some getting used to, and takes a little time. Especially if this is new to you!

Turning a blind eye to the noise 

It is noisy out there and there are lots of different people with lots of different opinions, so stay focussed on yourself and do not get drawn into fads and clubs, that might claim to make you feel body confident in X amount of days. You know the ones we are talking about!


Tips to feel more body confident


Practicing gratitude is a beautiful way and place to start, thinking about the parts of your body that you are thankful for and also the things that it allows you to do. By connecting with gratitude and speaking kindly to yourself, you will allow more of those thoughts into your mind and slowly, over time, it will feel more like second nature to feel grateful for these things and less like a chore. 

Move in a way that works for you 

Movement should feel good. It should feel empowering. It should make you feel incredible about the skin you are in. If it doesn’t, please find a different way to move. So often we feel like movement is a punishment for the things we have eaten or for the fact that we have not moved in a while, when this is so far from how it should feel. There are tonnes of different ways to move your body, from dancing to stretching, swimming to shaking everything out, and so many more in between. It might take a few tries to get there, but find movement that works for you and relish in every second of it.

Wear things that make you feel GOOD

We are not suggesting that you go and get a whole new wardrobe because that is definitely not the answer. However, there will be that one pair of leggings, that one top, or that one dress, that makes you feel like you. It makes you feel good and safe and happy, and that is what you need to wear. Not every day, but when you think you need a boost of confidence, come back to that piece of clothing and lean into how it makes you feel.

Nourish your body with foods that light you up 

You may have noticed that the things we fuel our body with have a huge impact on how we feel. Think about the foods that make you feel good, energised and nourished, and start to eat more of those. While everyone is different and there are going to be discrepancies in what people enjoy, fruits and veggies are a good place to start so you can see the difference in your mood and energy when you introduce more of them into your diet. Water is key here, too. There are too many benefits for us to list here but water is magic. It improves your skin and your mood, as well as a whole host of other things. Drink up!


Surround yourself with the right people and things 

There is a saying that goes a little like… ‘you are a summary of the five people you spend the most time with’ and we think that is largely true. Think about the people you are spending your time and energy around, as well as the things in your life. Do they light you up and do they leave you feeling empowered and like you can take on the world with your confidence? 

Being more body confident is not an overnight fix and it is going to take some time for you to get there. Make sure you make the most of the journey and that you enjoy the process, as it makes it a whole lot easier and more enjoyable too.

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