The Christmas Wellness Gift Guide 


For the wellness lovers and the inner peace seekers, welcome to the MADE Christmas gift guide. Read on to find steals and treats, for yourself and your loved ones this festive season. 



For the runners and the joggers

Sports bra

Whether you are running or jogging, you will know the importance of a good sports bra. Not only does it keep everything in check, but it helps to prevent the reduction in elasticity too. There are a whole host of benefits to wearing a good quality sports bra, but  that is a story for another day. If you are looking for one yourself, or looking to buy one for the runner or jogger in your life, we love the lightweight training bra from Gymshark. Available in a whole range of different sizes, as well as colours, theyre a good price point and give you the right kind of support you need for high impact activities. 


We love the On running trainers and these cloud trainers feel exactly like they sound. They are lightweight and easy to wear, providing the perfect amount of comfort underfoot when you head out running – or jogging! There are plenty of other colours available so if black isnt the look youre going for, youll still be spoilt for choice. 

Fitness tracker

The WHOOP smart tracker has been featured heavily in the news and press over the past 12 months or so, and we love the functionality of this smart watch. It is designed for exercise so it wont be a distraction like some of the other smart watches out there. You can customise the colour of your band and there is plenty of content to get stuck into if you want to dive deeper into the WHOOP world. 

For the yogis and the zen

Yoga mat 

Get the grip you have been looking for with the Yogi Bear Paws Mat. Made from recycled materials, so it is kinder to the planet, as well as being the perfect cushion for your body. Whether youre stretching or trying something a little more strenuous, this mat is the perfect companion for yoga, pilates, and post-workout stretching too.

Zen candle 

This natural candle from NEOM is part of the de-stress range, perfect to light after a long day and to give you that extra bit of zen you need. Perfect with a yoga flow or just to bring you some peace and calm throughout the home, there are a few different scents available depending on the notes you like to go for. 

Jazzy Leggings 

Sparkle as you stretch in these Heroine leggings, with the perfect amount of jazz for whatever you have planned. So often we buy black leggings, which are great of course, but sometimes it is nice to have something a little more luxurious, making them the perfect Christmas present for either yourself or the yogi you love. 

If black is more your jam and you dont want to stray away, these Lululemon leggings maybe just the ticket this Christmas.

For the explorers and the adventures 

Walking Boots 

Walking and discovering new places never felt so good in these walking boots from Mountain Warehouse. With these, you dont have to compromise on comfort or style, with the best of both worlds for all the places you are set to explore. 

The perfect coat

When youre heading out into the wilderness, or even just the British weather, a decent walking coat is an essential. However, if you are using the one you have had tucked in your wardrobe for the past five years then it may be time for a Christmas upgrade. This one from Finisterre is a really good choice, even though the price point is a little higher for a coat, they are committed to the environment and making a change, with plenty of programmes in place to make sure that we are leaving the world better than we found it. A mission and a business we can get on board with. The coat is perfect for layering so maybe size up a couple of sizes if you want to get your favourite knit underneath for some extra warmth.

Water bottle

If youre the kind of person who always forgets a drink of water, or maybe your walking buddy is that person, then a water bottle may be a gentle nudge and the perfect reminder. We really like the Chillys bottles as they really keep the cold in, or the warmth if you would prefer, and are great for popping in a rucksack on a longer walk or hike. There are different sizes and designs to choose fro, so you can absolutely make it yours, or theirs. 


For the homebodies and the ones short on time 

Made subscription 

Now, we know that leaving the house to find movement is not always the answer, and there are plenty of things you can going with in the house, making the MADE on Demand membership the perfect present. Whether it is yoga or pilates, sleep stories or something to get your heart rate up, there is something for everyone within the membership, and it can all be done from the comfort of your own home. So whether you prefer to stay home or youre short on time, MADE on Demand could be the solution. 

Headspace app 

The Headspace app is one of our favourites if you are solely focussed on mediation. A great tool to quieten your mind and to keep everything in check, there is plenty to get stuck into and explore depending on what it is that youre looking for. This also makes a great gift for the friend that doesnt schedule in enough time to themselves and may want to get into meditation and finding their inner peace.

Spotify subscription

A Spotify subscription is another great option for those who exercise at home. There is nothing worse than hearing three adverts in a row when youre in the middle of a flow, so give them the gift of uninterrupted listening. Whether it is for a loved one or yourself, this is the kind of gift that you didnt know you needed. 

We have come to the end of our Christmas gift guide. Whether youre buying for yourself, a friend, your mother or your partner, we hope you have found that something special and that you have a magical festive season.