Mindless to Mindful

Mindless to mindful

As we head into another month of uncertainty, life looks very different for a lot of people. Perhaps you are missing loved ones or wondering how to fill the extra hours in your day without your usual activities? If you’re in need of some inspiration to keep your mind occupied but not busy, here are some of our favourite things to do… 


From walking dogs to sharing your skills with others, there are a lot of options to volunteer your time at the moment. If you are worried about the outside world, there will be virtual opportunities too but sharing your time with others and offering value is a sure way to spread some love and positivity in these times.


We love an Autumnal walk and something great about this time of year is that you can head out in search of lovely leaves, conkers and pinecones with your little ones, or even on your own if you would prefer. Take the time to notice your surroundings and get away from the craziness of it all.


Banana bread seems to have won the hearts of most households but there’s something about baking that is so cathartic. It can either be a family fun activity or something for yourself with your favourite playlist on in the background. These chocolate vegan donuts are a firm favourite with us…


Let out your inner child and pick up some pencils or pens. We love drawing mandalas, there is something about the repetitive pattern that is so soothing. If you prefer colouring in, there are lots of adult colouring books around now, or printable sheets online to get your mind soothed and lost in a world of colour.


If you’re feeling adventurous, learning a new skill could be the trick for you. For the first few months of lockdown, we felt frustrated and stagnant but now we are ready to tackle the world of learning, some favourites include learning a language, learning how to edit videos and learning how to headstand. The latter is taking a little more practice but hey, we will get there. 

The key to all of these things is using your time wisely and thinking about doing something that will have a positive effect on your mental health. We hope you’re all keeping safe and please share with us what you’re getting up to!