Keeping calm on the go!

Keeping calm on the go 

New rules, regulations and a world that has been turned upside down. Keeping calm was hard enough without all these added into the mix so here are our go-to’s when life is getting on top of us and we can’t retreat back to bed for another few hours!

Essential oil rollers 

Having your favourite oil blend in your bag or pocket, ready to soothe is one of our top ways to calm the mind. Roll onto your wrists and a little on your neck for a calming scent and a moment of self-indulgence. We’ve linked the DoTerra ones here for you to look at!

CBD oil 

If you haven’t tried CBD oil before we can wholly recommend it. Designed to calm the mind, these drops are part of our daily routine at this point. There are different options to choose from so speak to a specialist but Holland and Barratt have a good selection on offer.

Lip balm 

A lip balm that has essential oils blended in as well as Vitamin E, this indie brand Salix Moon is home to one of our favourite balms. As the colder weather comes, lips will get chapped and it is so easy to start biting when you start to feel anxious or nervous. Check out the balm here.


A feel-good playlist is a sure-fire way to shake our moods, whether you’re into calming tunes or 90s RnB, stick on some songs that make you feel good and have a little dance if you can, who cares if anyone is watching. Here’s one of our favourites to lift us out of a funk, it’s called Flow Feels.

Temple Rub

Soothing on your mind but cooling on the skin, we love a temple rub! This one from Origins is technically for puffy eyes but it works a treat to keep your grounded too. Whether you are still half-awake or you just want an instant hit of calm, we recommend this to keep in your pocket or your purse.

Rescue Remedy

A good old-faithful and something we come back to time and time again, Rescue Remedy is a long-standing favourite and if you have ever used it, we are sure you will understand why. Nowadays, it is available in a whole host of forms so check out the range and add this to your wellness toolkit.

Breathing cues 

Not a physical thing but something you can come back to when you’re feeling low is your breathing technique. Try the square breathing method and breathe in for four, hold for four, out for four and rest for four, before completing another round or two. 

Chamomile tea

While we know it isn’t always convenient to whip up a cuppa, chamomile tea does wonders for calming the mind. In fact, any fruit or herbal tea will have an effect if you allow it to. If you’re at home, stick the kettle on but if you’re out and about, head to a coffee shop and get your fix of calm in a mug. We like loose leaf tea as it is better for the environment a lot of the time but some tea bags are biodegradable too! 

There’s our toolkit of keeping calm on the go so we hope at least some of them are useful to you. Let us know how you get on and what else you would add to our list.