Calm Commute

If you have returned back to the commute and you are feeling the road rage or the struggle for a seat creeping back in, we have some tips to keep you calm, cool, and collected. 

The commute is never a fun task and it feels like it always takes ten times longer than it should. If this sounds familiar, have a read of our tips to keep you zen, and implement them into your life.


At MADE, we are firm podcast fans. Whether you choose something wellness related, true crime or something hilarious, they are a sure fire way to spice up your commute and get you in that good vibes zone ready for the day ahead. When you find a series you like, you know you have struck gold.


Depending on how you travel, reading is a good way to while away the time. If you are taking public transport, getting lost in another world is a wonderful way to keep calm and occupied throughout the journey. If you are driving, audiobooks are a good shout as well.


Another one for the non-drivers but journaling is a lovely morning activity to get the energy flowing and to keep the frustration at bay. If you are driving, thinking up a gratitude list is a great alternative, too!


Listening to a guided meditation will keep everything in check as you head into a busy day. We have some you can download and listen to on MADE on Demand, just make sure you don’t listen to a sleep story instead!


Music is so powerful and can change your mood in an instant. Stick on your favourite playlist and if you are in the car, sing your heart out. There is nothing like belting out your favourite song on the way to work to get the energy you need for the day. We think so, anyway!

Digital detox

Public transport can be a gateway to spending an hour on your phone each way of the journey. Consider a digital detox for your commute so you don’t get stuck on the wheel of comparison before you even get started with your day. Think about all the things you could do instead that don’t require your phone, and maybe even pop it on airplane mode for that extra dose of detoxing.



A healthy start

Instead of arriving at work hangry, make sure you get a good start to your day with something tasty to eat. That might be a smoothie or maybe a fancy breakfast if you have the time, but make sure you start out on the right foot, and don’t end up in a rage over a lost croissant. 

We hope those tips inspire you to go forth and enjoy a calm commute. If you are intrigued by the meditations or want to explore what else we have to offer, grab a free trial of MADE on Demand to see how you can benefit from our online wellness package. Happy commuting!