Yoga For Beginners

You have rolled out your mat, and are not sure where to start, this is a guide to yoga for complete beginners. 

Now, there are a few different types of yoga that you might come across when you start practicing. Here is a mini rundown of them and the kind of thing you can expect from them…


Hatha is an easy-going kind of yoga. It is grounding but has all the ‘traditional’ poses you would expect a class or session to have. You will come for the Downward Dog and stay for Savasana, trust us. 

If you don’t know, savasana happens at the end of a class and you like on the floor and let the whole world melt away beneath you. 


More fast-paced and a vinyasa is actually a sequence of poses that take place after a particular deep sequence, like a palette cleanser or a transition between poses. 

You find downward dog and float to plank, before lowering to chaturanga and finding sphinx pose. You life back to downward dog and bring yourself to the front of the mat, ready to continue. If that all sounds like double dutch, then check out the videos from MADE on Demand which will give you a snapshot view on how to nail the pose. 

Great for active minds and active bodies, vinyasa is a personal favourite of ours. 


Each pose deeper than the last and typically each one is held for two to five minutes. It doesn’t sound as difficult as it is, but remember to not push your body too far. Listen to what your body is telling you and if you can go deeper, please do. 


Otherwise known as yogic sleep, yoga Nidra is a type of yoga that puts you in a state between sleeping and waking. It feels like when you’re drifting off to sleep but it is great for meditation and calming the mind. Our tip if you are going to a yoga Nidra session it to wear warm clothing and pop on a pair of socks, as it can get quite chilly during some sessions.


Focussed on both strength and flexibility, power yoga is a workout for your mind and your body. Usually fast paced and you are sure to break a sweat, if you want to cross the barriers between yoga and a workout then this kind of class is for you. Don’t forget to stay in control of your breath though, you should be able to control your breathing as well as getting your heart rate up!

In all of this, if you are a beginner to yoga, what is important is how it feels within your body. Forget about what you think the pose might look like or what anyone else Is doing. Focus on you and your body and how you feel in that moment. If you would like to learn the basic yoga poses, you can register for MADE on Demand with a free week trial currently on offer.