The best yoga poses to relieve lower back pain

If you suffer with lower back pain, or you want to strengthen your lower back muscles, yoga really could be the best medicine! Yoga is a mind and body therapy that treats back pain and relaxes the body. Practising yoga regularly helps you to gain awareness of imbalances and tension in your body so you are more likely to have better posture and bring yourself back into alignment. Here are some poses that may be useful in treating back pain.


Downward Facing Dog Pose

Why? This pose is a great full body stretch that stretches the lower back muscles and strengthens your spine.

How? Start on your hands and knees, hands slightly in front of your shoulders, press back, raise your knees away from the floor, pushing the bottom of your spine towards the ceiling.


Pigeon Pose

Why? This challenging pose stetches your hip flexors which are often a contributor to lower back pain.

How? Start on all fours, extend your right leg backwards, bring your right knee in between your palms, slide your left foot back, lift your chest, slowly walk your right heel to the left. Repeat on the other side.


Triangle Pose

Why? This pose strengthens your back and your legs, lengthening the muscles at the side of your body and hips.

How? Stand feet wide apart, turn your right foot out 90 degrees, aligning the centre of your heel with the arch of your left foot, bend to the right, waist stays straight, left hand up in the air, right hand down to the floor, both arms straight, rest your right hand on your ankle. Repeat on the other side.


Cat Pose

Why? A simple stretch to loosen your back muscles, improve your balance and help with your posture.

How? Start on all fours, back flat, spread your fingers, round your back up towards the ceiling, tuck your chin down into your chest, return back to flat position, repeat.


Cow Pose

Why? Cow pose helps to align the spine, stretch the back and neck, and increase flexibility.

How? Start on all fours, hands level with shoulders, fingers tips straight ahead, round the body dropping your stomach towards the floor, chest and chin upwards to the ceiling. Cow Pose is often combined with Cat Pose.


Camel Pose

Why? Camel pose helps to alleviate pain and can even relieve symptoms of bulging discs. The pose also strengthens the back muscles.

How? Kneel down, knees hip width apart, squeeze your inner thighs towards each other, lean back lifting lower belly up, find your heels with your hands, arms straight, looking up to the ceiling.


Yoga isn’t appropriate for everyone so please ensure you seek the appropriate medical advise. If yoga is for you, you will find that even just 10 minutes a day practice at home can help you to learn the basics and become stronger & more flexible. MADE on demand is a virtual wellness membership with fitness, wellbeing, pilates, nutrition, recipe and yoga videos, including yoga for beginners and yoga pose tutorials. Find out more about MADE on demand and take advantage of the 14 day free trial HERE.