5 ways to cleanse your body after too much indulgence

After an indulgent night out, weekend away, week abroad, you can feel bloated, dehydrated and low on energy. The most common reason for feeling rubbish and hungover is sugar. Even one night of cocktails (and 2am cheesy chips anyone???) can lead to mood swings, unwanted cravings and serious fatigue. Here are our 5 tips for detoxifying after letting your hair down.

Hydrate you will replenish lost fluids and flush out toxins in the body. For an anti-inflammatory boost, add freshly squeezed lemon.

Move even though you won’t feel like it, but even if you go for a walk or stream a 20 minute workout, the exercise will release fool good hormones and help you to recover more quickly.

Nourish you need to make sure you eat good food with the right vitamins. Don’t let guilt take over and deprive yourself, simply focus on nourishing your body including berries, oranges, protein-rich foods, brown carbs and green vegetables.

Bath try relaxing in a hot bath to unwind before bed, calming the nervous system and relaxing the mind. Use bath salts with magnesium to flush out toxins and continue cleansing the body.

Sleep you will most likely be sleep deprived but try not to nap the day away whilst you are recovering. It will mess with your body clock and you will find it hard to get back on track with a routine. Stay awake if you can or limit a nap to 15-20 minutes. Unwind before bed with no distractions and a chamomile tea. Sleep is so restorative for the body and mind you will feel like new in the morning.