Feel Safe

Your gym should make you feel safe and at ease. Ask for a tour of the facilities again or a breakdown of what they are doing to make sure the rules and social distancing are being adhered to. 



Feel Ready

Only you will know if you feel ready to return or not. If you’re not quite ready for that to happen yet, stick to your guns and keep on working out from home. There are plenty of things to get you sweating and MADE on Demand will always be here for you, whether you use it at home or in the gym!


Whether you decide to return to the gym or stay home, create a workout routine. This will help you stick to all the good habits you have created, or break the bad ones you have picked up too! 




Don’t overdo it. We know it can be suer tempting to hit it hard when you’re allowed out and about again but make sure you are listening to your body, taking rest days and recharging when you need it. There is no point going overboard and putting yourself back six months or more, trust us!


If you aren’t ready to return yet, listen to your mind and honour how you are feeling. There is no shame in staying home for your workouts and often, we have built up more of a sweat with bodyweight sets than with the kit at the gym! Make sure you are doing what is best for you and don’t let other people pressure you into returning if that is not your style yet.



Stay Active

Either way, make sure you are staying active. Now, that doesn’t have to mean blasting the gym or going hard on the home workouts, it could be making time for a yoga class or going for a long and steady run. Any activity is better than no activity so keep up what you have started and keep your activity levels up. 



If you need inspiration, workouts, recipe ideas or yoga flows, we have it all in one handy hub for you, whether you are a home bird or can’t wait to get to the gym. MADE on Demand has a range of workouts and resources that you can use in different settings, so you can get your fitness and nutrition fix wherever you are. Check it out for free with a two-week trial, so you can decide whether or not it is right for you.