Restless Leg Syndrome – What Helps?

RLS (Restless leg Syndrome) is quite a common condition of the nervous system which effects so many people on a daily basis. It causes an overwhelming uncomfortable feeling to move your legs, but everyone has their own triggers and sensations. Some people describe it as crawling up your legs, others think it’s more relatable to cramp, but whatever and however it affects you it is something that can not only interrupt your sleep but also your sense of comfort. 
There are lots of different triggers for RLS, from it being a medication side effect, to a deficiency in iron, pregnancy, and more serious underlying health conditions. As always it’s best to get this checked out from your Dr first before self-prescribing any treatments but here are a few things we’ve found to be particularly helpful as a team in combating RLS. 
Magnesium Tablets
Early research suggests that certain cases of restless leg syndrome may be caused by a magnesium deficiency, and that magnesium supplements can reduce RLS symptoms. You can easily have access Magnesium tablets online, but also making sure it’s a good part of your diet through foods such as avocado, nuts, whole grains and seeds is also important.
Foam Roller
A key piece of equipment for any fitness loving person, foam rollers are also handy in helping to give yourself a deep tissue massage if your legs are feeling particularly irritated. Before bed or throughout the day you can roller your legs to relieve any tension. 
Magnesium Butter/Balm
Much like taking magnesium tablets applying it directly to the skin in the form of skincare can also be effective. You can get it in the form of lotions, balms, butters, oils, sprays – so there’s lots of choice in which one would work best for you. All of them suggest to apply it 30 minutes before bed time and whilst applying to give your feet and lower legs quite a deep tissue massage. 
Yoga & Stretching
Yoga’s many benefits are to help the body not only relax but to also stretch any niggly muscles too. Lunging, downward dog, child’s pose, supported bridge pose and more. 
Acupressure Mat
Hailed to be one of the best pieces of equipment for back pain, this spiky mat of pain is quite relaxing once you learn how to use it properly. You need to prep before using this mat, I find having a bath and making sure you’re in a relaxing environment is the best way to ease yourself into it’s miracle benefits.
Epsom Salts
There are so many different varieties of Epsom salts on the market now, but the muscle and relaxation combinations are some of the best in helping to relive or even delay the onset of RLS. 
Putting your legs above your heart, for example up the wall for 10 minutes or so before bed can help bring your heart rate down, relax your body and mind which can also help to ease anxiety surrounding RLS. 
Tens Machine
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a method of pain relief involving the use of a mild electrical current. A TENS machine is a small, battery-operated device that has leads connected to sticky pads called electrodes. If placed in the right areas of the legs, using a TENS machine can help to massage the muscles electronically with your preferred pressure.
Be sure to check with a Dr before purchasing a TENS machine. 
Do you suffer with restless leg syndrome? What are your RLS tips?