How to switch off when working from home


Almost 12 months on, and many people across the UK are still working from home. While it has many benefits, including staying safe and seemingly endless cups of coffee, it does also mean that many people are working longer hours and struggling to shut off. Here are our tips for leaving work at the desk or kitchen table and how to wind down when the day is done. 


Fake commute 

You may roll your eyes at this one but having a fake commute in and out of work is a great way to get your mind in and out of work-mode. Whether it is a short car journey or a walk around the block, this will help your mind distinguish between time to work and time to relax.


Set a cut off time 

In the spirit of that, set a time when you will close the laptop and stop working. It might not be the same time each day, but make sure you know your cut-off point and stick to it. An extra half an hour turns into an hour, and before you know it, it’s time for bed. Stick to your routine as if you were in the office.

Find joy in the evenings 

Easier said than done but try and pick up some hobbies in the evening that will break the day up and give you something to look forward to. Whether it’s a HIIT class, a yoga session, reading a book, or a zoom call with friends, get a plan in place for the week.

Leave your phone elsewhere

When it is time to go to sleep, pop your phone on charge in another room and give yourself sufficient time to wind down after screen time to maximise the benefits of sleep. You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. 

There are some of our tips, but if you’re struggling with sleep or lack of energy, check out MADE on Demand and see if our experts can help.