Why strawberries are so underrated

When you think of a superfood, you tend to picture something exotic or difficult to get hold of, not strawberries that you see frequently on the shelf. Strawberries are FULL of healthy compounds like vitamin C, folic acid and fibre. And we all know they taste delicious. There are a number of clinical studies that confirm the health benefits of strawberries particularly on cardiovascular health… associating these berries with lowering cholesterol, increasing the metabolism and improving the body’s antioxidant defence systems. Consuming strawberries on a regular basis has been proven to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and is recommended overwhelmingly in research.

Prevent wasting this delicious fruit by cutting off the stalks and washing the berries thoroughly before keeping them in your fridge in an air tight container. They should last 1-3 days but you can always slice them and pop them in the freezer! If you have a blender, try mixing frozen strawberries with your favourite yoghurt and some frozen banana for a healthy strawberry milkshake. We are off for one now!!!