Combat the 4 pm slump

We are patiently waiting for the light nights to arrive, but with the skies looking grey and the days feeling long, we are certainly feeling the 4 pm slump in the workday. If you’re feeling it too, here are some tried and tested ways to combat it…


Giving your body the fuel it needs is key to keeping your energy levels high throughout the day. Whether it’s through a smoothie, protein balls, or a nutritious lunch, make sure your body has what it needs. The biscuit tin might look all-too tempting, but we promise you it won’t give you the burst of energy you’re looking for at 3:45 pm!

If you’re looking for snack inspiration, there are lots of healthy recipes on MADE on Demand, from energy balls to smoothies that will satisfy your sweet tooth and they’re all packed with goodness too.


Take regular breaks to stretch your back and legs, as well as giving your eyes a rest from the screen. We advise scheduling them in so you can set realistic work goals throughout the day and make sure you’re getting the breaks you need; no skipping allowed!


Whether it is chart music or a soundscape, your favourite DJ or a daily mix, find some music to motivate you through the last hour or two of your day. We found we were spending a lot of time in silence, which is less than inspiring, so find your flow and let the music help you power through.


Make the time to connect with others either in your team or in your field. See how they are getting on and have a chat about the common problems you are facing. It will do you both the world of good and may even give you that extra push through the workday’s finish line. 


Whether you have an hour to spare or 15 minutes to fit in a quick workout, moving your body gets those endorphins flowing. All of our step-counts have suffered during lockdown but getting in a bit of exercise is a sure fire way to boost your mood and energy levels. Check out MADE on Demand for bitesized yoga, stretches and short meditations that will nourish your body, no matter how long you have to give.

Got slump-prevention tips? We would love to hear them! Comment below how you get through the mid-afternoon lull, and we will try them out next week.