Benefits of corporate wellbeing programs

With a laser focus on employee wellbeing and businesses shifting to offer more in the workplace, we have seen the rise of corporate wellbeing programs. At MADE, we have always been passionate about this, so if you want to know the benefits, read on.

Increase productivity 

In a world where everything runs at 100 miles per hour, and with many people working from home, it is so easy to feel demotivated, and like you’re running on empty. Scheduling in time for employees to focus on their own health and wellbeing is a great way to boost productivity. By taking the time to switch off and refocus, many people go back into their workday feeling fresh, inspired, and raring to go.

Improve mental health

Aside from the work-benefits, corporate wellbeing programs improve the mental health of those who participate. It’s hard to find the get-up-and-go sometimes to do things for yourself, so having time scheduled into your workday or plan makes it a non-negotiable, it is so easy to cancel on yourself, and this is how we avoid it! 

Build better relationships 

It is also a great chance for employees to connect and get to know each other better. Whether it is a talking point on Teams or something to chat about over coffee, classes can be an ice-breaker and to help teams gel together better, especially after a year when human connection has felt so strained. 

We could go on; there is a whole list of benefits that we haven’t even scratched the surface of, but corporate wellbeing programs are not going anywhere. At MADE, we have tailored programs and a whole bank of content that will leave employees feeling happier, healthier, and more connected. You can check out MADE on Demand or email us to find out more about our corporate wellness packages.