Yoga for period pain 


The monthly visitor that makes us feel either totally empowered or totally rubbish. While our bodies are amazing, the pain that comes with it can feel less than inspiring, so if you differ with period pain, try these yoga poses for some light relief. 

Childs pose

Letting your body sink down towards the ground and releasing any tension, weight or expectations, sounds like the perfect remedy. If you suffer from cramps, you can try a variation with the legs together and head resting down towards the knees for this to feel like a mini massage. If back pain is more where it’s at, stretch it out with the wide-legged variation of this pose.

Cat and cow 

Arching through the back and opening up through the chest, moving between these poses can be as big or as small as you like and is the perfect piece of gentle movement to get you feeling into your body. Either head to all fours or try this cross-legged sitting on your bed for the ultimate comfy option.


This one is a little more adventurous if you are looking for a deep stretch or you are a regular yogi. Extending the arms out and sinking the check down towards the ground here is a deep stretch into the chest and shoulders, down into the back. Perfect if you’re looking for more than something gentle.

Supine twist 

Detoxifying the body with a twist is our go-to for many emotions and ailments. Period pain is no exception, but you might want to prop your knees up with a block, a cushion, or a blanket, to make it feel super restorative. 

Savasana is also one of our long-standing favourites. So, when it is that time of the month, move your body as much or as little as feels good for you and remember just how powerful you are. For yoga flows, calming meditations, and sounds to send you to sleep, head to MADE on Demand to get your fix.