Balancing hormones with a vegan diet


Going vegan or plant-based is a significant life change, but one that comes with a long list of benefits. Changing your diet can balance your hormones, which is one of the massive benefits we have seen. Here’s why…

Hormones for health

Foods based on meat or dairy often have toxins and their own hormones, which are not designed or built for human consumption. Adding meats and dairy into your diet can change how your body functions and alter your body’s natural hormone levels, which confuses things further.

Go with your gut 

Eating plant food improves our gut health, as these kinds of ingredients and vegetables are often high in fiber. When we go to the toilet, we get rid of the excess hormones we don’t need in our bodies; so more plant-based foods equal better gut health and, in turn, means we aren’t operating with excess hormones in our bodies – win, win – WIN! 

It’s anti-inflammatory 

Inflammation in the body causes a range of health issues, including chronic illnesses and even period pain. Plant-based diets are known to reduce inflammation in the body, meaning you increase your overall health and hopefully keep those cramps at bay!

For mind and body

We have talked about the benefits on your physical health, but what about your mental health? A lot of cases of depression and anxiety are rooted in hormone imbalances. By turning towards a more plant-based diet, you regulate and balance the hormones in your body, helping with mental health issues.

People choose to opt for a vegan or plant-based diet for a variety of reasons. Whether it be for the animals or your health, if you are looking for recipes, ideas, and support, check out Nutrition on Demand.