Finding motivation to workout at home

Most gyms have uplifting tunes, bright lights, shiny mirrors and are filled with fitness equipment, so it is easy feel motivated! Mindset is the most important factor for smashing your workout. If you prefer to workout at home because it is more convenient and less costly, or if you mix home workouts with a gym membership, we want to make sure you feel as motivated as possible to workout wherever you are!

KILLER OUTFIT it doesn’t matter if no one else can see what you are wearing, you are working out for YOU, no-one else. So even if you are jumping around alone in your garden, make sure your outfit makes you feel good. Feeling confident makes all the difference, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It could be your favourite leggings with a slogan tee, or a matching crop and shorts combo. As long as you are comfortable and feel good then you are ready.

TURN OFF DISTRACTIONS your class is your time, it is about you. All day every day we are constantly distracted, our attention span gets shorter and shorter and concentrating isn’t as easy since the dawn of the smart phone. For the small amount of time you are working out, either leave your phone in another room whilst working out, or if you are using your phone to stream a workout, turn off your other notifications. It will enable you to tune into your body and focus on working as hard as possible.

PLAN YOUR SPACE make sure you pick your workout and a suitable space before you get started. You need room for a mat with our core, yoga and pilates classes, but for our fitness classes make sure you have plenty of room to swing your arms and jump either side of your mat too (expect burpees and crawls and lunges). Home workouts don’t require a lot of room but make sure you are prepared.

UPLIFTING MUSIC the most important motivating factor for many people when working out is the right playlist. Not only does the right music help you to shut everything out and get in the zone, it helps the time to go quickly. Make sure you have your favourite songs ready to really keep your energy up. And if you need any inspiration, our favourite workout tracks can be found on our spotify channel.

There you have it! You’re ready to go… looking cool, feeling confident, shut out any distractions, cleared your space, turned up your favourite song and now there is NO STOPPING YOU. Find out about our on demand classes.