Motivated when don’t want to workout 

We all have those days when the thought of working out puts us on the verge of tears or makes us want to crawl back into bed. We know that the post-workout feeling will be great, but the motivation to move is seriously lacking. If this sounds familiar, here are some ways to shake the funk and move your body.

Take a walk

When HIIT says no, see what a walk is saying. You might find that it feels like enough, or you might break into a job halfway through. Exercise doesn’t have to be hitting-it-hard every day, and a walk can be the perfect tonic. 

Give yourself a pep talk

We love an affirmation but if those aren’t for you, reframe them as a pep talk. Tell yourself why you are working out and how good it will feel afterward. Tell your body it is worthy and how incredible it is. Give yourself a boost and a leg-up to that workout. 

Make a plan

Fail to plan, plan to fail. It sounds harsh, but it is true. Build a schedule for the week, so you know which workout comes on what day, so you know where you’re heading before the monkey mind comes into play, and you can crack on. 

Give yourself credit

Whether it be before, during, or after the workout, give yourself credit and kudos for moving. You might want to cook a tasty meal, curl up with your current read, or indulge in your favourite TV series after getting it done. You can do the hard things, even when it doesn’t feel like it. 

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