Techniques to bring wellness to your home

Now more than ever living in an environment that helps to calm and soothe your mental and physical health is imperative. Whether you believe in feng shui, the healing power of plants or minimalistic living here’s 5 techniques to bring wellness to your home, guaranteed. 

  • Sleep on a silk pillow
  • The healing power of plants
  • Eucalyptus in your shower?
  • Finding your own ‘head’space
  • Inspirational quotes

Sleep on a silk pillow

For those of who are religious beauty junkies this news won’t be new to you, for everyone else, prepare to buy a silk pillow asap! There are many benefits to swapping your pillow to an indulgent silk case, from your night routine skincare not seeping into your regular cotton choice, it’s softer on your hair so is less likely to tangle or become brittle, helps to reduce ‘sleep wrinkles’ and most importantly is 100% more comfy so you sleep better too. Whoever said beauty sleep can’t be bought didn’t have a silk pillow!

Healing power of plants

We’re a generation obsessed with the #instaplants movement, and not only is turning your home into a real life jungle bang on trend at the moment, it’s also great for your health. Throwback to sitting in biology learning about photosynthesis, plants help to bring fresh oxygen into your home so while you’re practicing your yoga moves you’ll be safe in the knowledge that the air your breathing really is fresh!

Eucalyptus in your shower

A tip from our very own founder – Penny-  if you introduce a eucalyptus into your shower routine you can reap all the ‘spa at home’ benefits:

‘The steam and the heat unleashes the aromatherapy oils of the plant and your bathroom will smell like a steam room!⁠ It is like your own aromatherapy or a DIY shower steamer… the eucalyptus is super refreshing and helps with congestion which is much needed at the moment with hayfever.’

Finding your own ‘head’ space

If you can’t seem to find a moment to yourself, why not find a space to yourself instead. Find a nook in your house or garden for 5 minutes of blissful me time. Anywhere you can catch a break, your breath and most importantly your thoughts so you can get on with the rest of your day in peace. 

Inspirational Quotes

If like us you’re a little bit obsessed with Pinterest this tip will soothe your creative soul. Pinning inspirational quotes to places you most frequently visit in your house, garden or even car can be a great way to put a smile on your face when you most need it. If like the rest of the world at the moment the fridge is in fact your most visited place this month (no judgement here) then why not place a quote on the front with your favourite magnet? 

Other places to hide your monthly mantra or daily dose of calm include kitchen cupboards, your dressing table, bathroom mirror, car mirror, shed, inside your laptop or on the back of your door. 

If you have any techniques to bring wellness to your home we’d love to hear them in the comments!