7 Benefits of working out at home

No commuting:

For some of us it’s quite difficult to get into the routine of going to the gym on a regular basis, made even more of an effort by having to commute to your local or favourite place to train. That’s where workouts from home have a huge benefit. You don’t have to physically go anywhere, just simply find the perfect spot in your home or garden and make that your regular workout space. Bringing you the comfort of being in your own home, while getting the expertise of fitness and wellbeing professionals.

Fitting it in around busy schedules:

We all know we could use more time in the day, but with workouts at home via our on demand wellness membership it allows you to tune in at whatever time suits you. Whether you’re a morning person who likes to get their HIIT workout out of the way, or you like to unwind after a long day with a relaxing evening Yin Yoga session – we’ve got you covered.

You can workout with your family:

Why not make a family activity out of it? Bringing the family together in an active environment is a great way to keep bodies and minds fit and healthy, whilst also learning and bonding. Trial and test all of our classes to see which ones suit you and then be sure to tune back in for the next session!

You can go at your own pace:

When placed in a class setting you may feel overly pressured to keep up with the group. But if you’re working out at home you set the pace, you know how far to push yourself and can be rest assured that you won’t have any anxiety about taking your time. You can focusing on your form as well as your routine without feeling pressured.

Less anxiety:

Sometimes going to the gym can be quite a scary experience. It can be overwhelming to step outside your comfort zone, or workout in front of other people if you don’t know them. But working out at home means you can be more comfortable in your own surroundings. You don’t have the pressure of having to interact with others if you don’t want to – it’s just you and the instructor, so feels almost like a private personal training session!

Repeat your favourites:

One of the best things about Welcome to MADE on Demand is that if you find a class or workout you absolutely love, you can play it again, and again and again!

On the go fitness:

If you really enjoy your workouts or have a set routine that you don’t want to miss, you can take our classes with you just about anywhere! So if you’re travelling for work, are on holiday, house sitting or just want a quick lunch break routine then you can! Enjoy fitness and wellness from anywhere in the world, at any time of day!

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