Road running vs trail running

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Over the last few months, running seems to have been an activity taken up by many. Whether it has been to improve fitness or just to while away the hours, there has been a definite spike in runners, joggers and walkers. 

 If you’re new to running, road running is likely to be the thing you have opted for. You roll out of bed and head out the door to get your mind and body moving. Road running is quite literally running on the road or pavement, which is of course very convenient.  

Road running is ideal for many unless you live near gorgeous woods and countryside. You will find you try to build up your speed and lengthen your stride as you build up endurance and fitness. 

However, trail running is more than a little different. 

 Trail running often incorporates roots and mud, branches and rocks, that have to be navigated while you run. Shortening your stride and controlling your speed are both key to a successful trail run. You should also expect to come back a little bit bruised and don’t be put off if you stumble! 

 If you are an experienced trail runner, you will know the difference between the two is huge, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give both a try. Trail running is often found to be softer on your joints, as there is a natural surface beneath you, but do make sure you’re aware of your surroundings. 

 With road running, you can stick on a playlist or podcast and, quite literally, hit the ground running. Trail running, however, we would recommend a silent run at the start, to properly anchor yourself and get used to the feel of the terrain, which is always changing. 

 You are likely to need different trainers and gear for both types of running too, in order to make sure you are properly supported. 

 Which camp are you in? Team road or team trail?

 We want to be in both…