Training Your Mind

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A lot of us train our bodies several times a week, whether it be HIIT, running, yoga or pilates but how much time do we take to train our minds? With the everyday stresses of life and pressures of work, with everything else piled on top, it can be easy to neglect our minds in favour of binge-watching Netflix of an evening, but here are some of our tips for a trained and balanced mind, see if you can give some of them a go… 


When you see or hear the word ‘meditation’ your mind may flit to a vision of a room full of people, chanting or sitting in one position for hours on end, but that couldn’t be further from the reality of our meditation. Ten minutes a day to ground the body and mind, focus on your breathing or visualisation to leave your thoughts at the door and refresh your mind, ready to tackle the day.


We all breathe, of course, we do, but breathing properly and with intention is a whole other ball game. Spend five to ten minutes in the morning focussing on how you are breathing, there are lots of different apps and breathing guides if you are struggling but fill your belly in the inhale and exhale to empty, slowly and carefully. Breathing in and out through your nose oxygenates the body more effectively than doing so through the mouth and if you find your mind running away with you throughout the day, come back to the breath. 


What you eat has an impact on your mood and your mind, so consider swapping those chocolate biscuits for a banana or another healthier snack. Don’t get us wrong, we love a cup of tea and a biscuit as much as anyone, but when you’re 3/4 of the pack down and it’s only 11 am, that is going to take its toll on your mind throughout the day.


Water is your best friend. Drinking lots of water improves concentration, balancing your mood and increasing your memory function. The guidelines for women is to drink 2.7 litres a day and for men, it is 3.7. It seems like a lot but set a goal to drink the recommended amount and see what impact it has on your mind and productivity. 

Train your mind with as much intention as training your body and let us know what impact it has on your life!